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ADAS & Camera


GPS Trackit


An easy-to-use and install solution with AI and in-cab voice coaching to increase driver safety, improve their behavior and performance, and link fleet managers to their teams in the field.

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ADAS & Camera


GPS Trackit

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VidFleet offers a wide variety of solutions ranging from forward-facing to multi-camera and from 360 dash cam views to the most advanced AI features. We solve your fleet's needs by predicting and preventing accidents, protecting your fleet from liability and false claims, and improving your driver's behavior and productivity.

Our real-time video AI technology predicts and prevents accidents, with in-cab voice coaching to reduce risky driver behavior. Assistive tools stop accidents before they occur, while creating better drivers.

• Video makes drivers more accountable
• Real-time driver behavior coaching gives more granular data on driver performance
• Identifies aggressive driving behavior with instant alerts
• On-demand video playback

Fleet drivers benefit when recorded video exonerates them from false accident claims. Video protects vehicles and trailers from theft. Video evidence can even help with prosecuting theft and property recovery. These combined benefits can lead to lower commercial insurance costs.

• Reduces liability insurance costs and risk of loss
• Provides a more complete context to driver reactions based on real-life
• Protects company brands as drivers are a visible extension of brand identity

Fleet owners and managers don't want the public to see their company name on the side of fleet trucks that are driven aggressively. When you worry about drivers who keep customers waiting or who waste company time on personal errands, the VidFleet solution can be reassuring. VidFleet improves driver behavior and productivity to deliver cost savings through safer and better driving.

• Company employee protocols can be reviewed in real-time or later review
• Improve fleet performance with real-time driver coaching
• Drivers can be guided and coached for better performance
• Video improves productivity, compliance and cost savings
• Recognize & reward positive driving behaviors

With VidFleet, you can protect your valuable brands, drivers and assets to ensure your business can thrive.


Features & Benefits

Real-Time Audible In-Cabin Coaching
Easy Plug & Play Installation
Forward and Driver Facing Views
Unthrottled Live View
Remote Wake Up
Low Total Cost of Ownership

Who it's for

● Fleet Class: All
● Fleet Age: All
● Fleet OEMs: All
● Fleet Size: All
● Verticals: All

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