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Latest offers and rebates for Goodyear tires. "Buy” now to get an additional 3% cashback! ONLY available via GPS Trackit Marketplace!





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Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes
Light, Medium

Features & Benefits

Renowned Goodyear quality
Additional 3% cashback ONLY available via GPS Trackit Marketplace
Tires for all seasons and all vehicles
Exclusive offers and rebates
Price Match and Online Purchase Guarantee
30-Day Goodyear Pledge
Double your rebate with the Goodyear credit card


Exclusive special rebates and cash back on Goodyear tires wen purchasing on Goodyear.com.

Click the BUY button to purchase Tires from Goodyear!

Why purchase Tires from Goodyear?
• Large selection of tires for all seasons and all vehicles.
• Exclusive offers and rebates when purchasing from Goodyear.com.
• Choose a local installer from our list of trusted professionals.
• No hidden fees. You’ll see all of your charges before you buy.
• Mobile tire installation where installation comes to you (check for availability).
• Double your rebate with the Goodyear credit card.

How to Receive Additional 3% Cash Back from GPS Trackit Marketplace
• Click on the “buy” button and purchase from the Goodyear site.
• Email your receipt, full name, and address where a check can be mailed, to support@roadz.com.
• Be sure to reference "GPS Trackit Marketplace" in the email.
• Receive a check in the mail for 3% of the paid invoice within 7 days.

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