Intelligent speed limiting technology that governs vehicle speed to the posted speed limit in real-time.


MAGTEC Products, Inc.


Driver Behavior

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Speed Governing in Real-Time

12-month subscription for the cost of 9 months.

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes

Features & Benefits

Increase road and public safety
Improve CSA scores by reducing speeding violations
Provide drivers added time and space to react
Prevent serious crashes related to speeding
Lower Workers Comp. costs for driver injuries
Justify improved flexibility with insurance premiums
Improve driver safety and retention
Improve fuel efficiency & Reduce carbon footprint
Lower maintenance costs for brakes, tires, collisions
Reduce coaching resources required for speeders


SafeSpeed proactively addresses speeding before it occurs, automatically adjusting and governing vehicles to the posted speed limit while never exceeding the top speed allowed.

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Why Buy SafeSpeed?
• Real-time speed governance using Intelligent Speed Limiting tech.
• Set maximum permitted speed and overage thresholds.
• Custom speed zones available.
• Temporary override for emergency situtations.
• Remote shut down command for critical events.
• Disable vehicle until authorized driver authenticates.

• Monthly Subscription - $19.95/month per vehicle
• Hardware Cost - $1,095/vehicle

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