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PressurePro TPMS

PressurePro Pulse FX

Innovative, advanced TPMS, in a BYOD package, to arm your fleet with the real time tire performance data needed to add safety and savings to you operations.


Maintenance & Diagnostics


PressurePro TPMS

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
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Innovative, advanced TPMS, in a BYOD package, FX leverages your existing smartdevices – and PressurePro’s comprehensive Connect software platform – to arm your fleet with the real time tire performance data needed to add safety and savings to you operations.

Pulse FX delivers PressurePro's first 'BYOD' based system, arming users with market leading tire performance management capabilities at never-before-seen value. Allowing users to leverage existing smart devices as their display, Pulse FX unlocks 24/7 monitoring, five fully customizable alerts, vehicle/unit naming and storage capabilities for easy toggling between multiple trailers, and much more.

Smart Devices
Utilizing your driver's smart devices, users gain full color high resolution displays with familiar navigation. Available for both Android and iOS devices.

Sensors and Smart Devices
Supported by PressurePro's custom built app, Pulse FX users gain the ability to put the market's most trusted Sensor technology to work. Adding the tire performance data needed to boost fuel efficiency, decrease downtime, reduce maintenance, improve handling and braking, extend tire life and more, Pulse FX allows users to add safety and savings to their travel.

Ease of Installation & Use
PressurePro's custom designed app walk users easily through installation and use, with fully customizable alerts.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities
Pulse FX unlocks remote monitoring capabilities through PressurePro Connect, a comprehensive software platform built specifically for fleets utilizing PressurePro's market leading Tire Performance Management Solutions. Connect arms users with complete back-end tire data reporting and analysis abilities, delivering unmatched visibility and control of your tire management practices.

Tires are the heartbeat of your operation. Keep your finger on the pulse. A revolution is here, put it to work for you!


Features & Benefits

24/7 Monitoring
5 fully customizable alerts
Fully configurable layouts and alerts
Push notifications & FX warning light
Guided installation and use
Unit naming and storage (up to 5 units)
Integrated 12v or 24v conversion
40+ tire capacity at 8-215 psi range
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