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PressurePro TPMS

PressurePro Pulse

An advanced TPMS solution arming your fleet with the real time tire performance data needed to add safety and savings to your operations.


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PressurePro TPMS

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An advanced TPMS solution arming your fleet with the real time tire performance data needed to add safety and savings to your operations. Providing in-cab viewing as well as complete CAN and RS232 capabilities, Pulse unlocks simple stand alone monitoring as well as complete integration set-ups alongside existing partnering technology platforms.

Unmatched flexibility. Unrivaled viewability. Unparalleled capabilities. Unquestioned performance.
These are just a few of the things PressurePro's PULSE provides for your fleet. Utilizing market leading technology while taking it to the next level with a comprehensive list of new capabilities, never before seen in the TPMS market.

PressurePro Systems
PressurePro is a wireless electronic Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that is designed to display current tire pressures on demand, whether moving or stationary. PressurePro systems provide users with the market’s most comprehensive alert schedule, with two low pressure alerts, a high pressure alert, a high temperature alert, a fast leak alert, and a cross axle alert, all user customizable.

Sensors and Display
Can be used on all pneumatic tires, and consists of two basic components - Tire Sensors which screw onto the valve stems of the tires, and a Display. The Sensors read tire pressure every 7 seconds (12,343 times a day), and transmit a coded RF signal to the Display every 5 minutes assuring timely information. If an alarm level is reached, PressurePro Sensors will override the normal update and alert the Display immediately. During an alert, the tire location flashes on the Display, the current pressure reading for that tire flashes, and an audible alert sounds.

Advanced Capabilities
Data logging capabilities are further advanced by PressurePro's Automated Data Logging software (free for customer use), arming users with a progressive analyzation tool, while built-in RS232 and J1939 capabilities unlock quick integration to vehicle networks and communications devices, enabling remote monitoring.

Tires are the heartbeat of your operation. Keep your finger on the pulse. A revolution is here, put it to work for you!


Features & Benefits

24/7 Monitoring
Quick glance alarm notification
5 fully customizable alerts
3 viewing modes
Adjustable vehicle layouts
Data Logging with microSD data dump
RS232 and J1939 capacity
Integrated 12v or 24v conversion
Small scale drop & hook (5 units)
Monitors up to 80 tires (per unit)
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