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Predictive Coach, Inc.

Predictive Coach

A patented solution that automatically assigns driver training based on actual driving behavior reported by the telematics system.


Driver Behavior


Predictive Coach, Inc.

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
5 drivers and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes


Not all drivers are the same, so their training shouldn’t be, either. Some drivers are careful and cautious, others are aggressive and easily distracted (which puts your company at risk), and some fall somewhere in between.

Using driver-behavior exceptions data, Predictive Coach enables you to train your drivers according to their distinct personality types and driving tendencies.

Easy Access for Drivers
Your drivers can take their training lessons on any laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Easy & Automated Oversight
All fleet, safety, and risk managers have around-the-clock access to the Predictive
Coach management portal, including the dashboard, program settings, and reports. Managers can also schedule reports to be generated automatically based on their needs.

Engaging Learning Environment
Drivers earn certificates for their completed lessons in a fun, gamified learning environment.

Comprehensive Metrics
A telematics device tracks the following driver behavior: speeding, hard acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, swerving, and seatbelt usage.


Features & Benefits

Driver behavior data collection via telematics device
Automatic course assignments based on driver behavior data
Management access to dashboards and reports
Proprietary proactive defensive driving training
Short and engaging training videos
Training is delivered automatically. No need for management involvement
Reduced fleet risk management workload through automation
Eliminate willful negligence
Potential lower insurance rates
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