Pitstop Predictive Maintenance

A proactive virtual technician that predicts vehicle failures before they happen based on real-time vehicle data.




Maintenance & Diagnostics

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
15 vehicles and Larger
Fleet Segments
Mixed Fleets
Vehicle Classes

Features & Benefits

Continuous analysis of major vehicle components to see data in real-time
Alerts on high probability failures for each vehicle, organized by critical, major and minor risks
Algorithms for Battery Health, Brake Health, Diesel Exhaust Fuel, Fuel Anomalies, Engine Air Flow, and many more
Service grouping to maximize uptime
Weekly summary reports to ensure data accessibility and transparency


Pitstop is a leader in fleet maintenance software, delivering powerful predictive insights in an affordable, easy-to-use solution. Designed to help you automate fleet operations and keep vehicles running smoothly.

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Why Buy Pitstop?
• Predictive maintenance insights from AI and real-time vehicle data.
• Integrations with leading telematic providers.
• Proprietary algorithms using 10 Billion+ data points to clean and eject predictive insights.
• Detects battery and brake health, fuel anomalies, tire health, engine air flow and more.
• Prioritized fault code feature with explanation and causes.
• Average savings of $2K/vehicle per year, 20% decrease in downtime, 10x ROI.

• $7.50/month per vehicle

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