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Parking Assistance Systems

A parking assist system with a digital electronic control module for fleets and heavy-duty applications.


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Voxx Electronics

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Rostra Precision Controls manufactures a variety of parking assist systems that are designed to give every driver peace-of-mind while parking their vehicle in cramped quarters. Each parking assist system provides both visual and audible alerts to the potential dangers of nearby obstacles through the use of an included buzzer built into a digital display that can be mounted on your sun visor or dashboard. When the vehicle is shifted into reverse, the system will automatically engage and output a single "beep" alerting the driver it has been activated. The system will further alert the driver to the presence of obstacles within each of its detection zones. From a pulsing beep to a steady tone, the system works to keep drivers aware of their surroundings. The system goes silent again only when an obstacle is no longer in range of contacting the vehicle.

The Park-Pro HD commercial grade ultrasonic parking systems offer a choice of 3 different harness lengths, under-bumper mounting options and amplified analog sensors with a digital electronic control module for fleet and heavy-duty applications.

Safer Parking Decisions
Make safer parking decisions by using an automotive parking assist to alert you to obstacles closing in on your vehicle while parking.

Ultrasonic Detection
Advanced ultrasonic-based technology means the system offers consistency on targets of all densities with fewer false alarms.

Paintable Bumper Sensors
The flat black sensors included with each kit can be painted to match the factory fit and finish of your car!

Audible Alarm
The audible alarm included in each automotive parking assist kit provides a unique way of alerting drivers to nearby unseen obstacles.

Included Components
- Four paintable black sensors
- Waterproof sensor connectors
- Quick disconnect sensors for ease of installation
- Dual degree (6 & 12) angled bezels for adjustable sensitivity
- Four rubber sleeves included for metal bumper applications
- Amplified analog sensors with digital ECU for heavy duty applications
- Features built-in diagnostics in the event of damage or malfunction

Sensor Extension Harness Kit
While the Park-Pro HD parking sensor system is available with harness lengths of 25′, 19.7′, and 10.3′, some longer or wider vehicles may require added length between the system’s and the sensors themselves. Rostra offers part number 250-5124 to overcome this installation obstacle. This product includes four 10.5′ sensor extension leads and allows installers to use the Park-Pro HD system on nearly all heavy-duty vehicles.

Pricing dependent upon vehicle type, wiring and vehicle modification requirements. Please submit a Request Info inquiry for a quote!


Features & Benefits

Ultrasonic sensing technology with Triangulation Detection Software
Alerts drivers to objects as far away as 6 feet behind the vehicle
Assists drivers in making safer parking decisions
Helps prevent costly vehicle body repairs
Three main warning zones
Under bumper mounting brackets
Dual drill tools for both plastic & metal bumpers
Automatic bypass of the trailer tow hitch or rear mounted spare tire
Consistent performance on targets of all densities
Audible alarm with Hi/Lo function
Optional harnesses with waterproof connections
Fits virtually all fleet applications up to 25 feet
Year/36,000 Mile Warranty
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