Optimum VRx

A predictive maintenance service which detects unforeseen vehicle issues, predicts relative time to failure, and prescribes a resolution plan.


Optimum Fleet Health


Maintenance & Diagnostics

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
Fleet Segments
Diesel Fleets
Vehicle Classes

Features & Benefits

Predictive health analysis and reports for major vehicle components
Fully prescriptive How-To-Fix, step by step instructions integrated with OEM systems
Dashboard provides at-a-glance health summary of the entire fleet
Color coded severity reports to help proactively manage maintenance
Automatically notifies management to schedule high priority events
Avoids costly disruptions due to unscheduled downtime
Dynamic fault detection weeks in advance


Optimum Fleet Health provides predictive maintenance using technology tested and verified over millions of hours, significantly reducing fleet downtime and keeping your trucks on the road.

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Why Buy Optimum VRx?
• Real-time instant diagnostics for diesel-powered fleets.
• Predictive engine analyzes data from existing telematics devices.
• Advanced A.I. learning to apply historical fault recognition.
• Anomaly detection weeks in advance using artificial intelligence learning models.
• Reduces diagnostic time by as much as 85%.
• Cut maintenance costs by as much as 25%.
• Easy integration into current work order management system.
• Designed by Technicians for Technicians.

• $29/month per vehicle

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