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Embark Safety

MVR Monitoring

Proactively identify and remove risky drivers from roadways with continuous MVR monitoring. Minimize driver risk, avoid negligence and protect your bottom line.


Regulatory Compliance


Embark Safety

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
50 drivers and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes


Minimize Driver Risk & Protect Your Bottom Line
If your employees drive for work – even for a Fed-Ex run to drop off a company package – you need to know if they have valid drivers’ licenses or not. Since driving status can change at any time, Embark Safety's MVR monitoring technology helps you easily monitor your drivers’ records in real-time for negative changes.

Removing risky drivers from roadways reduces accident risk and liabilities, protects your bottom-line and improves public safety.

How it works?
Embark Safety’s MVR technology connects to states DMVs to check driving records continuously. Drivers are automatically scored based on their risk level and the system provides real-time email alerts regarding license status, convictions, DUIs accidents, and more.

Monitoring your employees’ driving records continuously helps to:
• Mitigate risk and protect your brand
• Reduce gaps between regular MVR checks
• Identify those that shouldn’t be driving
• Reduce vehicle accidents and employer liabilities
• Save time, money and avoid surprises

What's included?
Our platform is one-stop for driver risk management solutions. Additional features integrated in our system include:
• Real-Time notifications
• Nationwide MVR Coverage
• MVR Smart Driver Scoring
• Reminders on driver file expirations
• Driver File portal
• Online Fleet Driver Training
• E-MVR Consent Form
• Customer Success Specialist


Features & Benefits

Real-Time Email Notifications - When changes occur to driving records
Nationwide MVR Coverage - Directly connecting to all state DMVs for instant access
Automatic MVR Driver Scoring - Based on violations, suspensions, and accidents data
Email Reminders - For driver license, CDL medical certificates, insurance expirations and more
Driver File Management - For driver consent forms, driver qualification files, CDL medical examiner certificates, EPN forms, and more
Online Fleet Driver Training - Assigned and tracked based on real-time driver record infractions
E-MVR Consent Form - Request and receive authorization from employees by phone or computer
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