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Mobile Workflow Management Suite

A Low-code/no code solution platform to create mobile forms across all mobile form factors.


Field Services



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Who it's for

Fleet Size
10 assets and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes


Fleet companies have a lot to manage with little time for the inevitable headaches that pop up like problems with communication, keeping track of data files, and organizing information. Logimove is here to change that.

Our robust solution is a powerful tool for almost any industry seeking to eliminate paperwork and make workforce management-related workflows available on mobile devices.

State-of-the-Art Mobile Solutions
Our solutions help drive your business to perform faster, smarter and optimized. We invest heavily in research and development to stay on top of technology to ensure our clients solutions are always up to date.

Logimove's Mobile Workflow Management platform is designed to optimize how your workers interface with your assets to both collect critical data and communicate actionable insights.

Minimal Disruption
We utilize simple mobility device enabled workflows to enable both the capture of data and dissemination of insights to workers with only minor changes to their existing work processes and procedures.

Customize To Work With Your System
The flexible platform can quickly help you build simple to complex workflows to enable both the capture and tracking of real time data of the workforce. Our Native app can easily integrate into your IOT/Telematics, ERP, CRM, Asset management, and other existing solutions to trigger workflows!

Optimize Without Coding
We utilize Low-code/no code solution to help you create mobile forms to accommodate workflows from simple to complex. We are able to digitize almost any paper based process within our range of industry solutions. Our origin was with the car rental and transportation industries, and today many of the biggest names in those markets rely on our solutions.

Modules That Flex According To Operations
full suite of module includes workflows to support 3rd Party Vendor management, Warehouse Management, Bulk Management, Dispatching, Damage Detection, Guided Damage Detection, AI Damage Detection, Check-in and Check-out, Maintenance, Data Analytics and Reporting, Delivery & Pickup, Order Management, Internal Transfer and many other processes!

Always Improving
Currently more than 6 Million business processes are run every day on our workforce management platform, and the numbers are increasing everyday! We have added many enhancements to our solution in the past 15 years. After spending more than a decade enhancing the LM process platform, we are able to digitize almost any paper based process within our range of industry solutions. We started our journey with the car rental industry and today the some of the biggest names in that market rely on our solutions!

Our platform can help digitize your business, streamline costs, and provide visibility and standardization through your entire organization.


Features & Benefits

Multi-Tennant and Multi-Lingual Digital Transformation Platform
Reporting engine with advanced BI to configure tenant based drill-down
AI Damage Identification technology
Mobile App supporting both native Android and iOS
Standard API for fast integrations
Low-Code /No code solution
SMS & Email alert notifcations
Date, time, Location, and user tracking and authentication
Third party app for suppliers and vendors
on and offline capabilities
Time Management ~Workers
Order Management ~prioritize orders and tasks
Maintenance Module
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