LifeSaver Mobile with Speeding Alerts

An innovative solution to help your fleets curb the leading cause of crash frequency and crash severity - Phone Distraction and Speeding. All without any hardware!


LifeSaver Mobile


Driver Behavior

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
20 drivers and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes

Features & Benefits

100% software only solution
Easy to add to an existing telematics or dash cam solution
Prevents and discourages cell phone use through real-time intervention
Reduces at-fault collisions and improves loss ratios
Proactively manage your driver's speeding with audible alerts
Speeding violations are recorded onto driver profiles
Unprecedented visibility using the LifeSaver fleet portal


The LifeSaver Mobile solution with speed monitoring is a 100% software solution that automatically detects drives, blocks cell phone, and monitors speed management while driving.

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Why Buy LifeSaver?
• 100% software solution WITHOUT any hardware, beacons or dongles.
• Automatically detects drives and blocks cell phone use.
• Proactive verbal warning system when drivers are speeding.
• 25-50% average reduction in at-fault collisions.
• Improved loss ratios with decreased commercial auto and workers' comp claims.
• Driver analytics for Usage Based Insurance tool for underwriting.
• Easy deployment to all of your fleet drivers with just a few clicks from the admin portal.
• Easy to add to an existing telematics or dash cam solution.

• $11/month per driver.

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