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Last Mile Delivery Optimization

Software service that optimizes last-mile logistics and continuously improves the assumptions based on machine learning.


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Fleet Size
20 vehicles and Larger
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We understand the biggest challenges facing delivery and logistics operations today is how to become more consumer-centric without sacrificing operational efficiency. It’s a tough balance to strike, but you aren’t in it alone.

At PACKAGE.AI, we’re creating a software service that optimizes last-mile logistics management. Our intelligent software makes it possible to offer your customers more choice, control, transparency and responsiveness while keeping operational efficiency in check.

Continuous Customer Touch Points
The system autonomously interacts with consumers at every touch-point of the order life-cycle based on real-time optimization of the underlying last-mile resources.

Jenny, our chat bot, uses SMS to autonomously negotiate deliveries with consumers in natural language and hand-hold consumers throughout the delivery process.

Machine Learning
We leverage machine learning to continuously improve resource utilization, automate consumer communications and optimize driver productivity.

Route Optimization
The platform employs advanced route optimization and prediction algorithms so the delivery companies can keep their customers informed.


Features & Benefits

DYNAMIC RESOURCE SCHEDULING. Our scheduling engine creates an optimized schedule in real-time by leveraging proprietary and predictive algorithms and interacting with consumers via chat or API for check-out flows.
AUTOMATED COMMUNICATIONS. Consumers can chat with the system and receive instant, intelligent and human-like responses regarding changing delivery schedules, updating address, providing delivery instructions, seeing the driver’s progress and scheduling returns.
PROACTIVE FEEDBACK. Upon completion, the system converses with consumers to get feedback on their purchase and delivery experience. it goes on to prompt for certain actions based on the consumer responses. For example, satisfied consumers can be prompted to rate the business, leading to response rates as high as 25%.
LIVE TRACKING & MODERN POD. The system monitors drivers’ progress and traffic conditions and updates recipients when the driver is close by or running late. Recipients are provided with visual indication of driver’s progress provide last-minute instructions. Digital POD is available as signatures, photos or one-time codes on the driver’s mobile device.
DATA-DRIVEN EDGE. The system continually collects delivery and consumer historical data and leverages machine learning to improve its models and decision-making. This enables us to drive down the cost of operations while maintaining a higher and higher level of customer service and satisfaction.
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