JOBehaviors Predictive Hiring

Pre-employment assessments to predict which applicants will be safer drivers as well as retain and perform at a high level.




Driver Behavior

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Predictive Hiring
Pre-Employment Behavior Assessment

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 driver and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes

Features & Benefits

Streamline Recruiting - Eliminate waste from pursuing poor fit / high risk candidates
Hire Better Drivers - Predictive analytics for objective and consistently successful hiring
Drive Retention - Know which candidates will stick with you for the long haul
Unlock Wider Talent Pool - Confidently consider non-traditional candidates
Competitive Speed Advantage - Aggressively pursue high value candidates
Set Growth Trajectory - Stop hiring to replace churn, and start hiring to grow


JOBehaviors is the transportation industry’s premier talent screening company, with assessments for CDL drivers, diesel technicians, and more.

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Why Buy JOBehaviors Predictive Hiring?
• Behavioral analytics to accurately predict how candidates are likely to perform in the future.
• Recruit candidates in order of their demonstrated performance potential.
• Custom links to embed in your online job postings or emailed to candidates.
• Laser-focused behavior assessment that takes 10 minutes or less.
• Instant results delivered to key stakeholders.

• $10.50 per month.

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