GPS Fleet Tracking & Management

A comprehensive suite of GPS fleet management tools for end-to-end fleet. And driver monitoring and management.


GPS Trackit



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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes

Features & Benefits

Low Monthly Price & No Contracts
Real-Time Vehicle Tracking
Accurate Data = Better Decisions
Updates Available Every Minute
Time & Driver Management
Mobile Apps to Track from Anywhere
Asset Protection & Management
Recover Lost or Stolen Vehicles


A comprehensive suite of tools that gives you everything you need in fleet management software.

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Why Buy GPS Trackit Fleet Management?
• Low monthly price and no contracts.
• Updates available very 1-minute.
• Customers start seeing ROI in less than 1 month.
• Average 40% increase in productivity.
• Nearly 40% decrease in idle time.
• Interactive maps powered by Google Maps.
• Live comprehensive training available.
• Backed by live support, mobile access and online collaboration.
• Mobile friendly with both Android and iOS apps.

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