Freight Mate for Fleets

A smarter, more efficient solution to manage your trucking fleet. Transform your fleet through automation and optimization to reduce time, cost and complexity in your daily operations.


Freight Mate


Transportation Management

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
2 drivers and Larger
Fleet Segments
Transportation, OTR, Delivery
Vehicle Classes
Medium, Heavy

Features & Benefits

Automated Load Upload and Creation
Optimized Document Management
Driver-focused Mobile App
Stop-by-Stop Load Tracking
Standardized Load Detail
Preferred Mobile GPS Connectivity for Single Click Input
Calendar View to Quickly Search Previous and Upcoming Daily Activity
Chat function to Connect Drivers and Dispatchers


Freight Mate harnesses the power of automation to simplify every step from load agreement to completion, eliminating costly wasted time spent on managing manual daily operations.

Upgrade to Freight Mate and experience a transformation in your trucking operations. Unleash cost savings, reclaim valuable time, supercharge productivity, streamline manual tasks, and witness remarkable growth in your transportation business!

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Why Buy Freight Mate for Fleets?
• Save 250 hours in manual work per truck, per year.
• Freight Mate driver-focused app available in mobile or tablets.
• Eliminate text, call or email dispatching and reduce unnecessary driver communication by 60%.
• Eliminate manual data errors starting on day 1.
• Uniform load format across all types.
• GPS integration to simplify.
• In-app chat features for dispatchers and drivers.

• $39.99/driver per month

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