EV Fleet Electrification Analyzer

An ICE to EV calculator for your fleet, giving you total visibility into the TCO savings and ROI when replacing your fleet ICE vehicles with EV vehicles.


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Who it's for

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1 vehicle and Larger
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Features & Benefits

Total cost of ownership calculator
Fleet history analyzer to recommend which ICE vehicles to convert to EV
Accurate battery predictions throughout daily stops
Choice of charging stations throughout route stop-points
Actual range of the chosen EV vehicle
Choose between home, office, or public charging stations


Purchase a simplified one-time use solution to calculate the TCO and the ROI for converting a single ICE vehicle to an EV model.

Subscribe to the complete suite of the Electrification Analyzer solution to get many added benefits - including simulation of your current ICE vehicle's daily routes and stop points as an EV vehicle, adjusting for charging station locations, battery life for specific EV vehicles, and more!

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Why Buy EV Fleet Electrification Analyzer?
• Accurate TCO savings based on EV routes simulated using real route history.
• Determine which ICE vehicles yield optimal results when switching to an EV vehicle.
• Compare daily routes and stops between existing ICE vehicles and new EV vehicles.
• Routing algorithms for optimal charging points based on route location, minimum charging costs, and time.
• Accurate EV battery predictions throughout your routes.
• Optimal EV routes are based on the actual specifications of the chosen EV vehicle.

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