Continuous Driver Monitoring

The most comprehensive driver risk management solution in the industry. Continuously monitor driver's license, CSA, and your existing telematics data to track, score and improve your risk profile.




Regulatory Compliance

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Driver Risk Management

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
20 drivers and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes

Features & Benefits

Driver Scorecard
Crash and Claims Data
Performance Dashboard
Reporting and Analytics
Automated MVR and CSA Scoring
Streamlined Learning Management System


Continuous MVR and CSA monitoring, driver training and telematics alerts all in one spot. The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Driver Risk Platform!

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Why Buy SambaSafety Continuous Driver Monitoring
• View driver behavior insights from MVR, CSA and telematics monitoring, all from one platform.
• Receive MVR reported driver violations and license suspensions.
• Integrate data from existing telematics/camera hardware.
• Identify risk patterns in your driver fleet based on incident alerts.
• Define and categorize driver groups based on risk factors.
• Targeted training from a library of 300+ courses.
• Reduce crashes by up to 14% in their first year.
• Reduce insurance premiums by up to 16%.

• Starting ta $3.75/driver per month *
*Pricing does not include a 1x onboarding fee and initial MVRs for all drivers upon enrollment. Pricing is dependent upon fleet size and services ordered.

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