Infinit-I Workforce Training

Online driver training for heavy truck drivers including courses to prepare for the CDL exam.


Infinit-I Workforce Solutions


Driver Training

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 driver and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes
Heavy Duty

Features & Benefits

Reduced driver violations
Reduced training costs
Improved CSA scores
Avoidance of DOT fines
Reduced driver orientation time & cost
Increased legal protection
Reduced incidents & accidents
Increased driver retention & communication
Lower maintenance costs
Reduced OS&D claims
Improved fuel efficiency
We get drivers home safely


A cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) focused on creating safe truck driver habits.

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Why Buy Infinit-I Workforce Training?
• Access to 1,000+ training courses specifically designed for truck drivers.
• Online Training to Help Pass the CDL exam
• Helps improve CSA scores, avoid DOT fines and reduce OS&D claims.
• Customizable content to create company-specific training modules.
• High driver completion rates using micro training videos with short bursts of information.
• Access to a client support team to determine the best training format to meet your company goals.
• No tiers of support or additional fees to gain access to our client success team.
• Used by over 1,500 clients and 300,000+ users.

• $12/month per driver

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