DrivActiv Light-Duty

An extensive library of training lessons for drivers who operate light trucks.


Driving Dynamics


Driver Training

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 driver and Larger
Fleet Segments
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Features & Benefits

Extensive learner interaction to reinforce knowledge, understanding, and retention
Based on the One Second Advantage™ foundational safe driving principles
Available iIn English, American Spanish, Canadian French
Compliant With SCORM Standards
Robust Learning Management System
Unlimited Subscription Access Pricing


Extensive catalog of impactful, visually rich media course material focusing on performance and behavioral capabilities of drivers.

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Why Buy DrivActiv Light Duty?
• eLessons based on review of 200,000+ fleet-related crash incident reports.
• Addresses underlying contributed factors for most prevalent loss types of accidents.
• Topics address behavioral, seasonal, and other traffic issues faced by light-duty drivers.
• Library includes mini lessons around vehicle maintenance, ABS systems, and more.
• eLessons continuously updated to address the latest safety issues faced today.

• Annual subscription - $39.95/year per driver

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