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Cargo Insurance

40-second, per-load coverage. AI-powered coverage. Automated claims. Instant peace-of-mind.


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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
Fleet Segments
Trucking, Freight, Shippers, Carriers, Insurance
Vehicle Classes
Heavy Duty


Loadsure covers your freight door-to-door with an A-rated security. Today, 80-90% of cargo is shipped under or even uninsured. This business-busting reality exists because insurers simply can’t work as fast as the supply chain moves.

No longer. We’re ushering this 300-year-old industry into the digital age—harnessing AI, predictive analytics, and automation to more accurately underwrite low complexity, high volume business—and in real-time. The result: Instant, affordable risk management that empowers every broker, shipper, and carrier to protect against loss and enable business growth.

Freight Brokers
Cover TL, LTL, and reefer loads in under 40 seconds with data-driven, dynamic pricing—and accelerate your shipper’s financial recovery with a simple, automated claims process that saves you time and offers greater transparency.

Freight Forwarders
Instantly address the global underinsurance crisis and generate a new revenue stream, all while protecting your customer’s domestic and international cargo—by land, sea, and air.

Protect your valuable loads from extensive carrier liability exclusions, like Acts of God and inside theft—and settle your claims based on the full invoice value of your load in just days or minutes, not weeks or months.

Cut your annualized insurance costs when you reduce your annual cover—or eliminate it entirely—paying just for the coverage you need. With policies dynamically priced to match your loads, you’ll save up to 80% over traditional per-load cargo insurance.

Aggressively Priced Spot Freight Coverage In Real-Time
Harnessing AI and automation, Loadsure’s end-to-end digital process more accurately underwrites your risk—and in real-time.
That means you can secure the industry’s best per-load, domestic and international cargo insurance rates in less than 40 seconds.

Protect Cargo With Wrap-Around Coverage You Can Rely On
Loadsure covers your freight door-to-door with an A-rated security.
Get instant peace of mind, knowing you’re protected from loading and unloading damage, unattended vehicle, Acts of God, and more—not to mention that you’ll be paid the full invoice value of your lost or damaged goods.

Speed Financial Recovery With Fully Digital Claims
Loadsure’s automated, AI-powered claims process simplifies submissions, eliminates errors, and accelerates claims settlements from weeks or months to days, even minutes—delivering instant access to funds.


Features & Benefits

Cover risk in under 40 seconds
Reduce—and even eliminate—annual covers, potentially cutting insurance costs by 5x or more
Accelerate claims resolution from weeks and months to days—even minutes
Gain near-instant access to funds
Protect freight with an A-rated security
Help shippers and carriers manage their risk—driving sales and enabling you to upsell wrap-around, “all-risk” insurance
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