Cargo Insurance

Data-powered, AI-priced freight insurance in just 40 seconds. Automated claims. Instant peace-of-mind.




Insurance & Warranty

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
Fleet Segments
Trucking, Freight, Shippers, Carriers, Insurance
Vehicle Classes
Heavy Duty

Features & Benefits

Cover risk in under 40 seconds
Reliable premiums and automated claims for shippers, brokers and carriers
Reduce or eliminate annual covers, potentially cutting insurance costs by 5x
Accelerate claims resolution from weeks and months to days—even minutes
Gain near-instant access to funds
Protect freight with an A-rated security


Loadsure is the InsurTech solution to the global underinsurance crisis. We combined ground-breaking tech with incomparable industry expertise, and developed a revolutionary product that delivers accurately-priced freight insurance in just 40 seconds.

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Why Buy Loadsure?
• Accurately-priced per-load insurance certificates in 40 seconds.
• Dynamic rating engine analyzing high-res data in real time for shipment risk scores.
• Cover TL, LTL, and reefer loads with data-driven, dynamic pricing.
• Save up to 80% over traditional per-load cargo insurance.
• Cut annualized insurance costs by paying just for the coverage you need.
• Door-to-door freight coverage with an A-rated security.
• Accelerates claim settlements from weeks or months to days, even minutes.

• $39.99 minimum premium per shipment/truckload.

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