Blind Spot Detection System 3.0

Radar based blind spot system with speed control and alerts for cross traffic and overtaking events.


Voxx Electronics


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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
Fleet Segments
Mixed Fleets
Vehicle Classes

Features & Benefits

Overtaking Alert - alerts when equipped vehicles passes another vehicle
Selectable blind spot speed activation, 15mph or on all the time
Standard driving Blind Spot alerts are shown when other vehicles, people or objects enter the Blind spot of the vehicle
Equipped with Rear Cross Traffic which alerts the driver of vehicles approaching from the left or right while in reverse
Blind spot radar sensors located behind the bumper for simplified professional installation


Voxx's Blind Spot Detection 3.0 is equipped with interior LED indicators for audio and visual alerts that are activated with the new added rear cross traffic feature which senses vehicles approaching while in reverse, as well as standard vehicles, people or objects entering the blind spot of the vehicle.

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Why Buy Voxx Blind Spot Detection?
• Blind spot alerts for vehicles, people or objects using audible & visual LED indicators.
• Rear Cross Traffic alerts of vehicles approaching from left or right while in reverse.
• Overtaking feature alerts when passing another vehicle and alerts for safe lane changing.
• Blind spot speed activation set at 20mph.
• Waterproof IP67 rated.
• Standard 3 year warranty.

• Starting at $350/unit
Pricing dependent upon vehicle type, wiring and vehicle modification requirements.

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