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GPS Trackit

Asset Monitoring

An equipment tracking solution that enables fleets to locate where assets are in real time, all the time.


Asset Tracking


GPS Trackit

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
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Real-Time Tracking
Equipment tracking instantly locates in real-time where your fleet assets are and how they’re being used during operation or after hours. Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles or heavy equipment at unsecured job sites, 24/7 visibility is crucial to both your success and peace of mind. Asset tracking software from GPS Trackit offers consistent monitoring, reliable protection and quick recovery of your valuable assets -- saving you time and increasing revenue with accurate billing and streamlined operations.

Data-Rich Reporting
With our asset tracking solution, you can easily schedule reports to deploy automatically, making it easier than ever to get the information you need precisely when you need it. Explore on-demand, real-time temperature reports, view speed and safety reports for individual drivers, or get details on miles driven per state to track fuel taxes. Easy to use and completely customizable, managing your fleet has never been simpler.

Heavy Equipment Tracking
Every business that uses heavy equipment knows the risks of leaving their assets in the field, where they can be subject to theft and unauthorized use. With machine asset management software, you get the reassurance of knowing exactly where your assets are at all times.

Heavy equipment tracking devices don’t just show you where your equipment is — they offer you improved workforce visibility and peace of mind. By alerting dispatchers and managers to potential equipment misuse and fraud, these devices don’t just assist in the recovery of lost assets — they help keep equipment from getting lost in the first place.

Safeguard with Geofence Boundaries
Customizable, invisible and reliable protection for your valuable assets. Easily set up and receive customizable alerts that notify you when your assets go in and out of specific areas.

With this dynamic tool, you can not only monitor your fleet’s whereabouts 24/7 but also maintain control of locations you’ve set as off-limits to your drivers. This safety feature cuts down on unauthorized use and is a convenient preventative measure against theft.

Risk Management
Improve your security and protect your business by remotely tracking your assets. With instant alerts, you can address a situation if it happens, as it happens.

GPS Trackit’s software solution protects your vehicles, trailers, and heavy equipment by reducing instances of damage and theft. Having reliable protection in place is crucial when you consider the actual value of your vehicles in terms of their replacement cost, opportunity costs, and your time and energy. Our solution can help you reduce some of the risks of fleet ownership, and cut the need for on-site security.


Features & Benefits

Reliable Solution
24/7 Visibility
Proactive Data
Time & Driver Management
Mobile Apps to Track from Anywhere
Asset Protection & Management
Recover Lost or Stolen Vehicles
Rural Coverage
Resistant to vandalism and theft
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