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GPS Trackit

An easy-to-use and install solution with AI and in-cab voice coaching to increase driver safety, improve their behavior and performance, and link fleet managers to their teams in the field.
Asset Monitoring

GPS Trackit

An equipment tracking solution that enables fleets to locate where assets are in real time, all the time
Optimum VRx

Optimum Fleet Health

A predictive maintenance service which detects unforeseen vehicle issues, predicts relative time to failure, and prescribes a resolution plan.
Pitstop Predictive Maintenance


A proactive virtual technician that predicts vehicle failures before they happen based on real-time vehicle data.
LifeSaver for Fleets

LifeSaver Mobile

Hardware agnostic distracted driving solution which blocks cell phone use when a vehicle is in motion.


A distracted-driving solution that ensures the smartphone screen is locked while the vehicle is in motion.


A continuous driver behavior monitoring and coaching program based on a multi-dimensional driver score.

MAGTEC Products, Inc.

Intelligent speed limiting technology that governs vehicle speed to the posted speed limit in real-time.


App-based telematics solution that gamifies safe driving, and eliminates distracted driving across mobile devices.
ClearDrive Online Training for Delivery Drivers

Instructional Technologies Inc.

Specialized online training library for delivery drivers.
DrivActiv Heavy-Duty

Driving Dynamics

A library of 20-30 minute safety lessons for drivers who operate heavy-duty vehicles.
DrivActiv Light-Duty

Driving Dynamics

An extensive library of training lessons for drivers who operate light trucks.
Infinit-I Workforce Training

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

Online digital learning management system designed to influence behavioral changes in fleet drivers.
PRO-TREAD Online Training for CDL Drivers

Instructional Technologies, Inc.

Mastery-based training and a simple-to-use learning management system to assign courses, report progress, and access training records.
Last Mile Delivery Optimization


Software service that optimizes last-mile logistics and continuously improves the assumptions based on machine learning.
JOBehaviors Predictive Hiring


Pre-employment assessments to predict which applicants will be safer drivers as well as retain and perform at a high level.
Mobile Workflow Management Suite


A Low-code/no code solution platform to create mobile forms across all mobile form factors.
Workforce Management Solution


A mobility device enabled platform designed to optimize how workers interface with assets to both collect critical data and communicate actionable insights.
ELD HOS Compliance

GPS Trackit

An ELD solution that gives your fleet a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use, compliant fleet management tools.

Air-Weigh On-Board Scales

An integrated on-board cargo weighing solution to help with safety and compliance.
RoadTitan for Heavy Vehicles

Axiom Product Administration

Flexible, month-to-month key and roadside assistance subscription for heavy duty trucks.
RoadTitan for Light Vehicles

Axiom Product Administration

Flexible, month-to-month key and roadside assistance subscription for light duty vehicles.
RoadTitan for Medium Vehicles

Axiom Product Administration

Flexible, month-to-month key and roadside assistance subscription for medium duty trucks.
GPS Fleet Tracking & Management

GPS Trackit

A comprehensive suite of GPS fleet management tools with end-to-end fleet tracking software.
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